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Seqlia Ex creates in the spaces of the Interior design, architecture, and decoration – Attractive presentation is key to successful marketing. We design and build functional interiors and facades that make powerful signature statements. Our concept to design and production for pavilions, showrooms, theme parks, and offices…. and will not only add a new dimension to your overall corporate image and identity but define it as well.

 The first stage of Idea is distilling the interest of client’s prospects. Then we transform the identity into environment that support and accommodate the span of the intended scope of business activities, through spatial planning and experiential knowledge in -dimensional design, our interior planners and designers cater for a wide range of varied architectural styles. A successful corporate space design projects the company's values and positioning to its stakeholders and contributes to an entire experience. It also reinforces the brand's coherence and fosters employees' morale and motivation.

  Similarly, for retail spaces design such as point of sale counters and showrooms, it is vital to create an enjoyable shopping experience and suitable ambience.

 Refine and hone the customer design into a perfect fit-out through:

 Architectural spatial planning

Design consultation

Project management and feasibility studies

Furniture and systems selection

Ambient lighting, color, texture

Bidding, purchasing and delivery of logistics supplies

Project cost estimates comparison and analysis

 Whether the customer is remodeling your present space, or moving to an entirely new space, Seqlia Ex meets the objective, on time and within budget.

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