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Seqlia Ex provides the conference planning at client’s request. Our team can help him organize a press conference, a seminar, an annual meeting, a product launching, an annual conference or summit or any other tailor-made event.

Our marketing and events planning solutions range from strictly administrative services such as registration, press release dispatch, and invitation mailing, torealize more complex tasks depending on the event planning:

  • Announcing, circulating & promoting the conference

  • Organizing a Pre-Conference from A to Z

  • Designing and building the conference stage and logistics services

  • Managing & Coordinating the event, including setting an agenda and contacting speakers

  • Designing and executing theme and branding tools (ranging from a logo to banners catalogues or even conference bags and promotional items)

  • Providing on-site facility management

  • Coordinating airline and hotel bookings

  • Managing exhibitions attached with conference margin

  • Handling advertising and PR

  • Carrying out E-mail and fax campaigns

  • Budgeting

  • Consulting on site selection

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